Savage Artists


Will Andrews

Instagram: @will.d.andrews

Facebook: @WillAndrews @TenMilesWide




Will plays a 5mm 7X14 drum, in a weathered finish, black nickel hardware with 3mm triple flanged hoops.

Will Andrews is a professional drummer in Seattle, WA. At a young age. Growing up near Boston MA, Will’s passion for music naturally led him to attend Berklee College of Music where he studied with the great Mike Mangini, currently of Dream Theater. After years of practice and preparation, Will left Boston and moved to Seattle in his late teens to pursue new projects that would perpetuate his growth as a musician.

With the ability to fit into many musical situations with confidence and creativity, Will has worked his way into becoming a stalwart of the Seattle music scene. He is known his intense, hard-hitting approach when playing heavier styles of music and his use of subtlety, groove, musicality and dynamics when accompanying songwriters. He is also well-versed in odd time and polyrhythm. During the last few decades, Will has played on dozens of recordings ranging from progressive rock, alternative rock, singer songwriter, metal, and experimental. He has performed live in clubs, arenas and everything in between. He is the current drummer for major Seattle acts, Walking Papers and Ten Miles Wide and Night Palm. 

Walking Papers has headlined tours in the US and Europe, and toured supporting Alice In Chains, Aerosmith, and Myles Kennedy. Ten Miles Wide has toured the west coast performed with Korn and Stone Sour. New albums from both bands are currently in the works.

Will is currently a Paiste, Vater and Savage artist.


Jake Hayden

Instagram: @JakeHaydenDrums

Jake plays a 3mm 6.5X14, in a satin finish, with chrome hardware and cast bronze hoops.


Kyle Schneider

Instagram and Facebook: @KylesDrums

Kyle plays a 7X14 5mm drum, in a satin finish, with chrome hardware and cast bronze hoops.

As well as a 67/8X14 solid shell rosewood with 3mm triple flanged hoops.

Kyle Schneider is an American Drummer, best known for his work with Nashville/Texas based Country music artist Gabe Garcia. With Gabe, he has played all over Texas and throughout the United States. Kyle has also worked with artists such as Tracy Byrd, Scott Wiggins, Gary Glenn, Jade Marie Patek; and has played in bands such as The Southern Strangers, and Faithful Texas Band. His work with the various artists’ and bands led him to play many different styles including Blues, Funk, Swing, and Rock. Kyle has also recorded demos for various artists and studio sessions, such as Scott Wiggins’ 2018 EP "This Ol' Cowboy" and on Weston Ripps' soon to be released EP. His influences include Neil Peart, Todd Sucherman, Steve Smith, Stewart Copeland, and Jeff Porcaro. Kyle endorses and highly recommends Canopus Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Porter & Davies BC Series Drum Thrones.


Marco’s inclination towards the kit started at 14 years old, having the fortune to get a vintage Japanese drum kit at that time. He began taking lessons and it was quite evident that the fascination for the instrument became quite immersive.

Loving the ins and outs of the drums, he became quite influenced by classic, hard rock, new wave, and progressive rock from the late 70s to late 80s. His drumming influences are quite vast because of the varied types of acts he grew up listening to.

Currently he plays in various bands in Orlando Fl. concentrating his time with veterans: Blue Meridian and Dirty Shannon.

Having a substantial collection of snares he definitely favors his Savage Custom Drums Bell Brass 5mm Replica, it being at the apex of the collection!

dennis profile.jpg

Dennis Leeflang

Instagram and Facebook: @DennisLeeflang

YouTube: /DennisLeeflang

Dennis plays a 5mm 6.5X14 bell brass replica, in a raw finish, with chrome hardware and die cast hoops.

Born in The Netherlands, Dennis Leeflang picked up a pair of drum sticks for the first time at age 8, joining a local marching band. In 1996, having just turned 17, Dennis was a founding member of Within Temptation, Holland’s biggest musical export since The Golden Earring. After successful collaborations with other Dutch bands such as Sun Caged and Epica, Dennis traded windmills for skyscrapers in the early 2000’s. Having connected with guitarist/singer/producer Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on an earlier trip to New York City Dennis became his touring drummer in Europe, and became Thal’s full-time drummer upon his arrival in NYC, recording three albums and touring all over the world. 

Apart from touring extensively with Bumblefoot and various other artists such as The Saturnine, Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Lita Ford, Dennis built his own recording studio in Queens in 2007, enabling him to collaborate through remote recording as well as record music with local musicians. 

In 2015, Dennis relocated to Los Angeles, where he has collaborated with artists such as Dilana (Rockstar Supernova), Mitch Perry (Cher, Edgar Winter), Megan Ruger (The Voice), Kenny Kanowski (Steelheart), T-Bone Andersson (Gov’t Mule), Francesco DiCosmo (Evanescence, Thin Lizzy), Steve Fekete (Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani), Paulie Z (ZO2, The Sweet), Victor Brodén (LeAnn Rimes, Thompson Square) and Eric Dover (Slash’ Snakepit, Jellyfish, Alice Cooper), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake), as well as producers such as Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz) and Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac, Colbie Caillat).

Aside from Savage snares, Dennis proudly endorses Q Drum Co, Paiste, Promark, Evans, Drumtacs, Ahead Armor Cases, and Steinberg.


Dave McGraw

Heading 2

Dave plays a 5mm 6.5X14 cast bronze drum with black nickel hardware and cast bronze hoops.

Bio coming soon


Marco Castellini

Instagram and Facebook: @MarcoCastellini

YouTube: /Tamco2

Bands: @DirtyShannon @BlueMeridian

Marco plays a 6.5X14 5mm bell brass replica, in a raw finish, with chrome hardware and die cast hoops.


Josh Cairns

Instagram: @stairway_to_drums


Josh plays a 6.5X14 5mm drum with black hardware and die cast hoops.  

Josh Cairns is an in demand touring drummer and educator with over 20 years experience, playing and teaching all over the world. He spent the early stages of his drumming career, establishing himself on the Melbourne scene at age 17 playing shows regularly along the metropolitan area, all the way through to rural Victoria and and eventually around the world as a touring drummer, and has since settled into Australia, which is where he currently calls home.

He chooses to be a Savage!